Feed your Yedang cravings!

Feed your Yedang cravings!.


Feed your Yedang cravings!


Are you a K-Pop or K-Drama fan? Or just someone who loves to eat like me? Well, this one’s a must try resto, Yedang! This is a Korean Food-filled place located somewhere in Ortigas, Pasig (I’m not good with directions so go find it in google maps! Lol).

First, they got a nice crew who will greet you right before you enter the door. And a Korean Owner who will bid you goodbye in her “Annyeong Hasseyo” way. Now, let’s check their menus.. (menu photos below are not mine, thanks to the another blogger who posted these online).





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Their foods are not that expensive but it is best to go there with a group because of its big or large servings. They also provide free appetizers such as kimchi, sweet potatoes, pancake, dried fish (idk the term) and etc if you order one of their grilled meats such as Samgyupsal. The good thing about this is you can have another serving of appetizers but you can only do that twice! But it’s a lot so you’ll still enjoy it..



When it comes to grilling the meats, their crews are always there ready to cook for you. Sadly, i’d like to do the grilling thing on my own or with my friends but it’s nice of them anyway.

JpegThe Appetizers.


If you’re into spicy foods, you’re gonna like Ojjing-o bokkum. It’s a dish filled with squid and vegetables with spicy sauce. Their Tteokbokki is also a must try because of its sweetness (but I like Sangyupsalamat’s version than this which I will feature in my future blogs). It is a dish with ricecake, noodles and eggs.


We also ordered Usamgyup (grilled beef) and Samgyupsal (grilled pork). What I love about these two is that you eat it with a cabbage covering the entire meat. You should also put a sesame oil, garlic ( I don’t know what’s the other one) in it (you may also add kimchi and bitter veggie if you want to). And you put the whole thing in your mouth!~~ I promise you’re gonna love the chewing experience. It is so crunchy and delicious! ┬áIt tastes a little salty and sweet and spicy. I just love the combination! Well, Korean foods are known for their Yin Yang Concept so everything should be balanced.

Over-all, I’ll give Yedang an 8 out of 10 score. I love the foods and the peeps are quite accomodating. They also have a lot of customers from different sides of the globe which means they have a good customer service. I hope they’ll widen their space and bring back their japanese or korean table to make it feel like we are really in South Korea!~~ I’ll come back to taste their other dishes.


With my Chingus (friends)!~~


Hope you like this blog! See you next time..

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